Notedrop – New Charts 6/25/12

Hello from the other side of the Pacific! Unfortunately living abroad also means that my Internet has slowed to…
wait that slow??!?? errrrr.

Yeah, sorry if updates are slow on my side, uploading things at 8 kb/s is slightly painful.

New Songs
• あっちでこっちで (Acchi⇔Kocchi)
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- (朱雀)

New Charts
• あっちでこっちで 6K LT (Bitzeralisis)
• あっちでこっちで 6K NM (Bitzeralisis)
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- 4K HD (Night39)
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- 4K SU (Night39)
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- 6K NM (Night39)
• Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- 6K SU (Night39)

Also sometimes my connection abruptly cuts off while uploading something, so let me know if there are malformed images! Thank you!

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  1. Devoid says:

    Yo, the background images for Anisakis -somatic mutation type “Forza”- seem to be cut off partway down the image. The ‘song preview loop’ thingo is also only like, 3 seconds (unless it’s supposed to be like that)

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