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Notedrop – New Charts 1/21/13 (Stay away from blood money! ~ 岩崎琢)

Monday, January 21st, 2013

Yay new charts!!!


New Songs
• Stay away from blood money! (岩崎琢)

New Charts
• Stay away from blood money! 4K LT (Azura)
• Stay away from blood money! 4K NM (Azura)
• Stay away from blood money! 6K NM (Azura)
• Stay away from blood money! 6K HD (Azura)
• Stay away from blood money! 6K SU (Azura)

Notedrop – New Charts 1/19/13 (The Sampling Paradise ~ kors k as Mamonis)

Saturday, January 19th, 2013



New Songs
• The Sampling Paradise (kors k as Mamonis)

New Charts
• The Sampling Paradise 4K NM (Bitzeralisis)
• The Sampling Paradise 4K HD (Bitzeralisis)
• The Sampling Paradise 4K SU (Bitzeralisis)
• The Sampling Paradise 6K NM (Bitzeralisis)
• The Sampling Paradise 6K HD (Bitzeralisis)
• The Sampling Paradise 6K SU (Bitzeralisis)

Release – Notedrop Novus

Friday, January 18th, 2013

A New version of Notedrop has been released! In addition, we are also introducing a new service, Notedrop Online, an online scoreboard that interfaces with the game. Register an account with Chromatiqa in the forums to save your scores online, add a rival to compete against, and compare your scores against other players around the world!

See other players’ scores in-game

Notedrop Novus contains several major overhauls, including a new scoring system and the removal of Effectors for the new game options. Many changes were aimed towards making the game more competitive and balanced for both new and experienced players.

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Continue reading for an in-depth view at the changes in Notedrop Novus, or play the game now to experience them yourself!


Notedrop – New Charts 12/22/12 (二言目 ~ 斎藤 千和)

Saturday, December 22nd, 2012


New Songs
• 二言目 (斎藤 千和)

New Charts
• 二言目 4K LT (thepianistalex)
• 二言目 4K NM (thepianistalex)
• 二言目 8K NM (thepianistalex)
• 二言目 8K SU (thepianistalex)

Notedrop – New Charts 12/19/12 (바람에게 부탁해 ~ Live Mix ~ Forte Escape)

Wednesday, December 19th, 2012


New Songs
• 바람에게 부탁해 ~ Live Mix ~ (Forte Escape)

New Charts
• 바람에게 부탁해 ~ Live Mix ~ 4K NM (thepianistalex)
• 바람에게 부탁해 ~ Live Mix ~ 4K HD (thepianistalex)
• 바람에게 부탁해 ~ Live Mix ~ 6K SU (thepianistalex)