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Miscellaneous – Notedrop Poster Raffle!

Sunday, February 17th, 2013

For each item you order by the end of 20 February, you get a chance to win a Notedrop poster drawn by @BeatSync! BeatSync is a cool guy and does lots of fantastic art – you can check out his portfolio here. The Notedrop poster is printed on thicker, semi-glossy paper and is about 11 x 17 inches, and it looks great in your room! (If you decide to get a poster your order will be free if you win!)

EDIT: We found another place to make poster prints: we will be selling them at $10 each instead of $15!

The temporary store page has been updated as well. Yep!

EDIT: P.S. Also if you share this link on Twitter you will get another chance to win as well!

Miscellaneous – Boba Tea-Shirts

Wednesday, February 13th, 2013

Hey all!

For a bit of fun and a small bit of fundraising, we will be selling pearl milk tea t-shirts (a.k.a boba tea-shirts) over the next week. What does the shirt look like?

Keep calm and drink boba.

Well, except the color is black. YEP! They’ll be selling for $13 each + $5 shipping. If you want to pick them up, please let me know and I can see what I can do (so it’s just $13 flat). Let me know if you order multiple tshirts, for which shipping is only $1 more per shirt.

Preorders will run until 11:59 PM Wednesday, 20 February. I should be able to ship them on or before the second week of March.

COOL. These are most likely a one time run thing, let’s do this!

You can first order temporarily from here while I make it look nice and stuff this aternoon oops, the button is not cooperating with wordpress….

Yay this will be fun!

Release – Notedrop Novus

Friday, January 18th, 2013

A New version of Notedrop has been released! In addition, we are also introducing a new service, Notedrop Online, an online scoreboard that interfaces with the game. Register an account with Chromatiqa in the forums to save your scores online, add a rival to compete against, and compare your scores against other players around the world!

See other players’ scores in-game

Notedrop Novus contains several major overhauls, including a new scoring system and the removal of Effectors for the new game options. Many changes were aimed towards making the game more competitive and balanced for both new and experienced players.

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Continue reading for an in-depth view at the changes in Notedrop Novus, or play the game now to experience them yourself!


Nibbler – Introducing Nibbler

Friday, December 7th, 2012

Suggestions or feedback on Nibbler? Leave them on the comments of this post and we will look into them!

Nibbler – Release V1

Sunday, December 2nd, 2012

Nibbler is your food photography community.

It’s a place for food lovers to share their pictures of food, whether it’s Mom’s home-cooked dinner, your new deadly chocolate concoction or the 100th boba tea you had this week.

Today, Nibbler Beta will open its services to the public with some exciting features for the awesome food-loving community. Join Nibbler now at:!

Nibbler is optimized for mobile devices.

Release Version 1 Features:

  • Web app with cross platform compatibility (on html5-compatible browsers)
  • Easy access to camera and photo album
  • Subscribe to friends
  • Explore other Nibbles on the map
  • “Favorite” Nibbles and view them together in your Favorites page
  • Share delicious Nibbles to Twitter

The App:
The Facebook:
The Official Blog:
The Twitter:
Bugs, questions, love letters? Send them this way: