About Chromatiqa

Chromatiqa is a studio dedicated to developing electronic media. From games to services, we continuously strive to release creative and polished products with the user/audience first in mind.

What makes a good product? At Chromatiqa, we believe there are three key factors that any great project should incorporate. First is creativity: we strive to innovate by combining the known with new, original ideas. Second is accessibility: our creations should be open to all and easy to use, worthy of anybody’s attention. Finally, and above all else, is thoughtfulness: every element of a project should be deliberate, well-wrought by the people who designed and created it.

We welcome new members with open arms. Whether you want to contribute your skills in a particular field to a project, or hold our ideology as a developer, join us in our pursuit of Colorful Creativity.

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Alexander J. Lin

Name: Alexander J. Lin
Alias: Bitzeralisis
E-Mail: alin(at)chromatiqa(dot)org
Joined: December 2010
Location: California, US / Rhode Island, US
Occupation: Student studying Computer Science at Brown University
Chromatiqa: Co-Founder and Primary Member; Production Director, Game and World Designer, Programmer, Music Artist, Graphics Artist

Alex Wang

Name: Alex Wang
E-Mail: alex.wang(at)chromatiqa(dot)org
Alias: thepianistalex
Website: http://www.thepianistalex.org
Joined: December 2010
Location: California, US
Occupation: Student at Stanford University
Chromatiqa: Co-Founder and Primary Member; Director of Publicity and Distribution, Design and Production Supervisor, Webmaster; Notedrop Online Services Programmer; Nibbler back-end developer, Nibbler iOS devlopment team leader
About: I like designing things! I don’t know what to write here oh…..

Nibbler Members

Mindy Huang

Location: California
Chromatiqa: Nibbler front-end developer
E-Mail: mindy(at)chromatiqa(dot)org

Fang-Yi Lin

Location: California
Chromatiqa: Nibbler promotional manager
E-Mail: fangyi(at)chromatiqa(dot)org

Alex Wang

Location: California
Chromatiqa: Chromatiqa primary member, Nibbler back-end developer, Nibbler iOS devlopment team leader
E-Mail: alex.wang(at)chromatiqa(dot)org

Dedicated Members


Website: http://www.beatsynchro.com
Location: US
Chromatiqa: Dedicated Member; Artist


Location: California, US
Chromatiqa: Dedicated Member; Notedrop Moderator, Publicity


Location: Texas, US
Chromatiqa: Dedicated Member; Website Design


Location: California, US
Chromatiqa: Dedicated Member; Assistant Game and World Designer, Member Recruiter, Publicity

Other Members


Location: Santiago, Chile
Chromatiqa: AniLive Representative

Notedrop Guest Members

A big thanks to everyone who helped chart for Notedrop and added more songs for everyone to play, as well as you, the player!

Past guest/temporary members can be found in the credits list of the games they worked on.