The Chromatiqa /f/ forums aims to bring together a community of gaming lovers to create an engaging experience for all. These forums contain discussions between any users of the internet (including Chromatiqa members) in topics ranging from Chromatiqa’s pursuits, such as Notedrop, to nearly any topic at all.

Supporting Chromatiqa

Chromatiqa currently runs off of personal expenses. If you would like to help support Chromatiqa, you can make a cash donation through Paypal; if you want to donate prizes or other goods, please contact us at admin(at)chromatiqa(dot)org. We greatly appreciate any donation of any size. By donating, you can help keep Chromatiqa online and running and help us fund larger prizes for our contests. We will also send to any donor a gratuitous amount of appreciation and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, shipping and handling included. :)