Notedrop – New Charts 3/1/13 (GravitoN ~ 巡音ルカ [無力P & AO])

By thepianistalex March 1st, 2013, under Chart Update, Notedrop


New Songs
• GravitoN (巡音ルカ (無力P & AO))

New Charts
• GravitoN 4K NM (Night39)
• GravitoN 4K HD (Night39)
• GravitoN 4K SU (Night39)

Miscellaneous – Notedrop Poster Raffle!

By thepianistalex February 17th, 2013, under Announcements, Miscellaneous

For each item you order by the end of 20 February, you get a chance to win a Notedrop poster drawn by @BeatSync! BeatSync is a cool guy and does lots of fantastic art – you can check out his portfolio here. The Notedrop poster is printed on thicker, semi-glossy paper and is about 11 x 17 inches, and it looks great in your room! (If you decide to get a poster your order will be free if you win!)

EDIT: We found another place to make poster prints: we will be selling them at $10 each instead of $15!

The temporary store page has been updated as well. Yep!

EDIT: P.S. Also if you share this link on Twitter you will get another chance to win as well!

Miscellaneous – Boba Tea-Shirts

By thepianistalex February 13th, 2013, under Announcements, Miscellaneous

Hey all!

For a bit of fun and a small bit of fundraising, we will be selling pearl milk tea t-shirts (a.k.a boba tea-shirts) over the next week. What does the shirt look like?

Keep calm and drink boba.

Well, except the color is black. YEP! They’ll be selling for $13 each + $5 shipping. If you want to pick them up, please let me know and I can see what I can do (so it’s just $13 flat). Let me know if you order multiple tshirts, for which shipping is only $1 more per shirt.

Preorders will run until 11:59 PM Wednesday, 20 February. I should be able to ship them on or before the second week of March.

COOL. These are most likely a one time run thing, let’s do this!

You can first order temporarily from here while I make it look nice and stuff this aternoon oops, the button is not cooperating with wordpress….

Yay this will be fun!

Notedrop – New Charts 2/10/13 (Sparkling Daydream ~ ZAQ)

By thepianistalex February 10th, 2013, under Chart Update, Notedrop


New Songs
• Sparkling Daydream (ZAQ)

New Charts
• Sparkling Daydream 8K SU (prototype27)

Notedrop – New Charts 2/9/13 (Protocol Signal Generation ~ COSIO)

By thepianistalex February 9th, 2013, under Chart Update, Notedrop


New Songs
• Protocol Signal Generation (COSIO)

New Charts
• Protocol Signal Generation 4K LT (Azura)
• Protocol Signal Generation 4K NM (Azura)
• Protocol Signal Generation 4K HD (Azura)
• Protocol Signal Generation 4K SU (Azura)