Release – Notedrop Ar14Δ

Hello, it’s Now a New Notedrop! No, this is not Notedrop Tricoro. (Neither is it Notedrop Pentacoro, or Hexacoro, or DuoCore-o.) It’s just plain Notedrop Delta. This release adds a great functionality to the chartlist: namely, a search bar! Plus, there are also other minor graphical and technical changes as well.

Spring effectsSearch by artist, title, or charter name.

Spring effects

Also, the next update of Notedrop is not called the “Caramel Joy” update, and the fact that Alex Wang would decide to give it a big overarching name that’s not “Delta” does not mean that it’s going to be a big update either.


Detailed release notes are below.


Notedrop Ar14D-Ab25D Release Notes

• Updated to Flash Player 11.3 for performance and security
• Added a secret game mode

• Menu sounds no longer play when game is not in focus

• Made a few layout changes
• Updated open/close animation to reduce lag
• Updated look and feel

• Small graphical tweaks
• Preview music no longer plays when game is not in focus
• Search bar implemented

• Updated effector menu open/close animation to reduce lag
• Updated look and feel of effector menu

• Overall performance improvements
• Improved error console error and diagnostic output
• Mouse now hides during gameplay

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  1. Daniel Chang says:

    So The Everlasting Guilty Crown is glitched, just a head up

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