ATTENTION: Alpha testers needed for a new project!

What is it!

Nibbler is a food and social web app designed for a computer science class about human-computer interaction at Stanford University. After signing up and logging in, you can upload pictures of food you are eating or have eaten and share it with your friends. You can also find recommendations for food based on location and what your friends have eaten. Essentially, Nibbler is a neat collection for your gourmet memories with an integrated social aspect. We are asking for your help in testing so that we can further improve the user experience of our application.

What do I do?

The test will last for 5 days. You are encouraged to use the app as often as possible during these 5 days, after which, a post-test survey will be sent to you for completion.

How can I participate?

To start trying out this brand new web app, please follow the link and wait for a confirmation email:
Signups will close soon! Thank you for your help and understanding!

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