Release – Notedrop Ar5

Notedrop Ar5 is out! This update primarily adds background video functionality. At the bottom-left corner of chartlist entries, a small icon denotes whether a song has a background video or not; a picture means it only has a background image, a blue camera with a red “L” means it only has a low-quality video, and a golden camera with a green “H” denotes a high-quality-video-available song. The game is set to only use low-quality videos by default (all charts with a high-quality video can also be played in low-quality mode); high-quality videos may require an extreme amount of time to load and can also result in memory leaks and lowered overall performance (hence, it is not recommended).

To all the people who found out about Notedrop from Bemanistyle and osu!, a special thanks! Your support is greatly encouraging the growth of this game.

New Songs
• Lite Tutorial (ReX)

New Charts
• Lite Tutorial 4K NM (Chromatiqa)

Notedrop Ar5 Changelog
• Added background video
• Added background video qualities
• Game now saves quality and background video mode
• Chart complete screen and chart select menu prettified

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