Notedrop – Chartset Competition! Win free money! (Also Release Ar7)

Thanks to everyone’s plays, Notedrop has reached 10,000 plays! *applause*

In addition to release Ar7, which includes lots of fancy effects and scoring system changes (see below for Changelog), I’ve added another great feature that includes free money. That’s right – a chartset competition! Compete with all Notedrop players for a $20 USD prize; the person with the highest score by June 15th wins the cash. Now you can mash your keyboard and get MONEY, too! If the new version isn’t loading (check the version in the upper-right corner of the chartlist), try refreshing your browser’s cache.

Since this is our first Chartset Competition (we plan to do more in the future), the charts are easy and the prize is small. However, if you, our great supporters, help us by donating donations, we’ll help you by using those donations to fund greater and better prizes.

To play the Chartset, just click the chartset button on the upper-left corner of the chartlist (when it loads). After completing a chartset, be sure to wait for a popup to pop up and enter your name to submit your score! (If you got a high score, the game will notify you.) A link to your score will be generated and placed near the top of the chartset complete screen. To check the current leading score, click this link.

Notedrop Ar7 Changelog
• Effects have been changed around a bit to reflect my style rather than DJMax’s style.
• Scoring changed somewhat to focus on both maintaining combo AND fever x5. Good scores will become quite inflated in comparison to Ar6 by about 5x, but low scores will remain about the same.
• Fixed problem with hold notes in which they would proc hold chaining unevenly and usually give one more MAX 100 than supposed to. Hold notes are also worth a lot more points now.
• Messed with timing intervals a bit. MISSes now are harder to hit, and the timing interval is a bit more lenient for hitting a note late.
• Grading now reflects total overall performance based on score, instead of accuracy only. (Grading may be imbalanced concurrently; note that it does not have any gameplay implications)
• Added a link to in the chartlist
• Score and combo numbers increase in a “rolling style” now
• Few menu graphical changes

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