Release – Notedrop Ar8Δ

After many months, a new Notedrop release is out! And boy, was it worth the wait.

First and foremost, the entire game has been re-written from scratch. While past versions of Notedrop built upon a weak foundation with the idea of a silly Trilogy clone in mind, Notedrop Delta was written from the ground up, so it has a strong foundation. (In fact, the game was unplayable in the first month of development!) Most notably, Notedrop now sports a sleek new look, while also becoming more efficient, faster, and responsive.

Major changes include the addition of a main menu, multi-page settings menu, a shiny modernized chartlist, effectors (modifiers to gameplay that make it harder or easier for a score bonus/penalty), and new effects in-game. Important things to note include the removal of fever and a scoring system redo that is much more balanced.

Yes, you did fall in love. With Notedrop.

Another great addition is a standalone version of Notedrop, which can be run outside the browser (but it still requires network connectivity to download songs and charts from Chromatiqa), making gameplay even smoother and allowing some screen-capture programs to record Notedrop easily.

Don’t think this is the last of Notedrop releases you’ll see – we have more features planned out for future releases.

PS: You can pause now. And R doesn’t make you insta-fail anymore. Try failing anyways, it looks cool!

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