Release – Notedrop Ar9Δ

A new release of Notedrop is out! This release contains many bugfixes and small tweaks that should generally improve gameplay. The most notable additions include an Audio Synchronization Tool that actually works, and keyboard shortcuts [PgUp] and [PgDn] that make scrolling through the increasingly large chartlist easier.

IMPORTANT: Some people may have to clear their browser cache for the new version of Notedrop or the chartlist to be valid! If you are getting a “This version of Notedrop is outdated” error, look here. This link provides instructions for clearing the cache of most popular browsers. If you notice that your browser is loading an old version of Notedrop, or that the chartlist isn’t updating, be sure to do this. The standalone version may not update the chartlist or detect new versions in Windows 7 and Vista; clear Internet Explorer’s cache to fix this.

Detailed release notes can be read below.

Notedrop Ar9D-Ab16D Release Notes

• Delta no longer tries to update statistics if it is in offline mode.
• Load icon is now shrouded in a black glow for contrast and readability.

• Added rain sound effect.

• Completed Audio Synchronization Tool.
• Removed extraneous data from old Sync Tool.
• Removed tabability of a certain button.
• Fixed a bug where offset doesn’t actually save.

• No longer loads eyecatch and preview after returning to menu despite no eyecatch/preview options.
• Stops trying to load eyecatch and preview after exiting menu, if they were still loading.
• Fixed a rare eyecatch/preview display bug.
• Added a “tutorial” to help new players.
• Added [PgUp] and [PgDn] to go up/down 10 entries at once.

• Removed tabability of various buttons.
• Fixed a bug where LowSpeed would only appear to work for exactly 25% speed, but would show up in the chart complete menu and be factored into scores regardless. Now, LowSpeed works for all speeds 25% and lower.
• Fall Speed will default to the lowest possible setting of the selected Fall Speed effector now, instead of defaulting to the highest possible if the old fall speed was higher.
• Added Lane Position effectors.

• Added [-] and [+] indicators for speed-change shortcuts when speed is unlocked.
• Fixed a bug where high score would display an incorrect value.
• Fixed a scoring bug involving hold healing. Consequently, scores are reset, but they should be higher, although healing gives a smaller bonus.
• Made beat lines match up with notes more often.
• Hit effects are now cached for faster performan
• Size of notes slightly tweaked.

• Fixed a bug which would report empty lines as syntax errors.
• Fixed a bug which would freeze on bad lane values. These are now reported as syntax errors.

• Tweet button now tweets a bit more concise messages.
• Tweet button adds abbreviations for effectors.
• Removed tabability of buttons in menu.
• A ranking of F is now considered a FAILING ranking. It will show a (slightly) different chart complete menu and mess with your tweets. Not that a fail is even that easy to get. (This is not a challenge)

• Removed tabability of error console button.

• Added ParamDefault (PaDef) command, which allows setting of parameters for all following notes.
• Added Param (Pa) command, which allows setting of parameters for the next note.
• Added TimingMode (TmMd) parameter; 1 = beats, 2 = milliseconds. This replaces TimingMode, which is supported but deprecated. Supported by PaDef only.
• Added HoldInflation (HldInf) parameter, which takes rate of hold chain increase in integral procs per beat. Supported by PaDef and Pa.

• Added a Mac standalone version.

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