Notedrop – Play it Offline!

Hello, Notedrop fans! Have you ever wanted to play Notedrop without waiting through the download every time? Wish you could play it without an internet connection? Your wish is granted: Notedrop’s charts are now available for direct download, so you can play Notedrop on the go without the internet! Just go to the Notedrop Official Chartlist page – findable in the sidebar and on the Notedrop page – and follow the directions for (almost) instant fun.


  1. Soutara Tamayo says:

    In page :

    A song “Color Beat” Download Link incorrect

    Incorrect :
    Correct :

    and a song “Soneone else” Download Link incorrect

    Incorrect :
    Correct :

    Please edit that link to be downloadable

    Thank you :)

  2. Bitz says:

    All the links have been fixed, thanks for pointing them out!

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