Release – Notedrop Ar11Δ

Hey guys, it’s time for another Notedrop release! This release mainly adds two “Assist” effectors, Autoplay and No Fail, by popular demand. Otherwise, there are just a few minor bug fixes, and yet another main menu effect update, this time for Spring.

Spring effects

Detailed release notes are below.

Notedrop Ar11D-Ab21D Release Notes

• Several sprites in the game have been replaced with pre-rendered sprites, which should increase draw efficiency slightly.

• Updated the effects for Spring!

• No longer shows Select a Keymode, etc when there are no charts.
• Score info now indicates whether a score is a full combo or not.

• Added two “assist” effectors: No Fail and Autoplay.
• Lane rotate effectors now only shift notes by 1, instead of 2 or 3 in 6K and 8K modes. They are also now called “Lane Rotate Left 1” and “Lane Rotate Right 1.”

• Fixed a bug where the lane number for normal (non-hold) notes was not being checked, causing freezes on invalid values.

• Fixed a bug where unpausing before a game started (READY? still on the screen) would cause the game to “start.”
• Made combo number more readable.
• SUPER now has the bright sprite first (might look different during fast hold notes).
• 10% is no longer just BAD, it is now TERRIBLE.
• Combo meter now pulsates rainbow-ly at full health instead of full combo. The health bar also has an effect to signify this.
• Fixed a bug where high score would display incorrectly in-game.
• Fixed a bug where you could get to the Chart Complete screen even if you died, if the song ends before the Failed animation finishes.
• Score display now always shows modified score, so high score displays a true value rather than a modified one.
• Fixed a bug where the high score arrow on the score bar could go above the top if high score is too high.

• If you get a full combo, the tweet button now takes note of it!

• Fixed a problem where the level of score data would not update to reflect a change in level, causing scores that are too high or low. The level is checked and changed when the high score is viewed in the chartlist.

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