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ATTENTION: Alpha testers needed for a new project!

Sunday, November 25th, 2012

What is it!

Nibbler is a food and social web app designed for a computer science class about human-computer interaction at Stanford University. After signing up and logging in, you can upload pictures of food you are eating or have eaten and share it with your friends. You can also find recommendations for food based on location and what your friends have eaten. Essentially, Nibbler is a neat collection for your gourmet memories with an integrated social aspect. We are asking for your help in testing so that we can further improve the user experience of our application.

What do I do?

The test will last for 5 days. You are encouraged to use the app as often as possible during these 5 days, after which, a post-test survey will be sent to you for completion.

How can I participate?

To start trying out this brand new web app, please follow the link and wait for a confirmation email:
Signups will close soon! Thank you for your help and understanding!

Release – Notedrop Ar14Δ

Friday, September 21st, 2012

Hello, it’s Now a New Notedrop! No, this is not Notedrop Tricoro. (Neither is it Notedrop Pentacoro, or Hexacoro, or DuoCore-o.) It’s just plain Notedrop Delta. This release adds a great functionality to the chartlist: namely, a search bar! Plus, there are also other minor graphical and technical changes as well.

Spring effectsSearch by artist, title, or charter name.

Spring effects

Also, the next update of Notedrop is not called the “Caramel Joy” update, and the fact that Alex Wang would decide to give it a big overarching name that’s not “Delta” does not mean that it’s going to be a big update either.


Detailed release notes are below.



Notedrop has over 100,000 plays!

Sunday, April 22nd, 2012

We’d like to just thank you all for your support, whether it was charting, publicizing, or simply playing! We’re very grateful to have amazing fans like you! Look forward to more updates from us in the future. Again, thank you, and we hope that you enjoy your time here!

[Announcement]: Z****’s Acquisition of (April Fool’s!)

Sunday, April 1st, 2012

Z**** (Nasdaq:Z___), the world’s leading provider of social game services, today announced it has acquired San Jose-based social game developer Chromatiqa, makers of the popular cultural hit web game, Notedrop. As a part of the Z**** family, Chromatiqa will focus on building new mobile IP and strengthening its existing portfolio of fun and creative social games.

“The Chromatiqa team has created a game that’s fun, expressive and engenders real social interaction,” said M. P_____, founder and CEO of Z****. “Notedrop has captured the imagination of thousands of people around the world. We love the way they’ve worked playful and relevant culture into their games from from Lin-G to Jubeat. We’re honored to have the opportunity to partner with and support such an innovative team of creative inventors.”

“I want to thank our players, our fans, everyone who’s ever mashed keys. You’ve made this game into something truly special. Z**** offered us a chance to focus on Notedrop — that is, they’re already developing a similar game called “Drop that Note!!” on the iOS and Android platforms. They know the power of the game and they planned with us how to let it keep rolling in the same fun, irreverent, social way that it has been. That was really important to us,” said Bitzeralisis, Co-founder of Chromatiqa. “The game will stay true to you and what you love, and it’s my solemn vow that the magic of Notedrop will not change. I know without a doubt that Z**** is the right partner for Chromatiqa. Our new partners at Z**** know how to innovate at scale, and they’re pushing the limits of social with their mobile games. With the added resources we now have, and the deep gaming experience we can draw from, we can’t wait to continue to surprise our users. If you’re a fan, a player of ours, I can’t wait to show you what’s in store — it’s going to be chromatiqawesome.”

In the last year since Notedrop launched, it has been played over 90 million times. Notedrop’s eye-popping stats include:
In the last week, more than a thousand songs have been charted.
Notedrop had three plays per second the day the game launched.
Yesterday, Notedrop has over 3,000 plays per second at its peak.
Notedrop is the #1 music game in 84 countries according to Google — shout out to Japan and Indonesia for being the first two countries to recognize Notedrop’s greatness.
The most popular songs in Notedrop are: Marisa Stole the Precious Thing, only my railgun, Bad Apple!!, and I Want You Gone.
The least popular song in Notedrop is 4’33”.

Chromatiqa will remain headquartered in San Jose (at its totally cool offices) and report to D. K_, Chief Mobile Officer of Z****.

Just kidding, we don’t particularly like Z****. Chromatiqa will be Chromatiqa and that is that!

Release – Notedrop Ar11Δ

Sunday, February 12th, 2012

Hey guys, it’s time for another Notedrop release! This release mainly adds two “Assist” effectors, Autoplay and No Fail, by popular demand. Otherwise, there are just a few minor bug fixes, and yet another main menu effect update, this time for Spring.

Spring effects

Detailed release notes are below.