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Notedrop – 2011 Summer Notedrop Video Raffle

Friday, July 8th, 2011

Hey all. Because summer is a great time to take it easy, we’re introducing the 2011 Summer Notedrop Video Raffle. The rules are quite simple to win 25 USD!

To be eligible for the drawing:

  • You must record a video that has both audio and video.
  • The video must start from selecting the song in the chartlist to displaying the score result in the end. You must pass the song (except Marisa Stole the Precious Thing 4K SC). Score does not matter!
  • The video may not be altered in anyway.
  • The video must be uploaded onto YouTube and is public for everyone to see. The title format should be [Notedrop] Title ~ Artist (Charter’s Keys Difficulty)
  • The chart must be from the online chartlist via
  • Tweet the video to @Chromatiqa to make sure we get it! (If you do not have Twitter, post the video in the comments of this post below.)
  • Only one video per difficulty per player. The more songs you record, the higher your chances are of winning.
  • Rules may be updated anytime on this post – please check back often for updates!

FIRST DRAW: 25.00 USD | SECOND DRAW (among all Marisa Stole the Precious Thing 4K SC videos): A copy of Terraria!
The drawing will occur at 11:59 PDT on July 22 2011. Prizes will be sent via PayPal / Steam (please make sure you have a PayPal / Steam if you are participating and you’re not breaking any laws because of age / location etc etc!) Good luck, and have fun!

For example:

Current entries:

Notedrop – Chartset Competition! Win free money! (Also Release Ar7)

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Thanks to everyone’s plays, Notedrop has reached 10,000 plays! *applause*

In addition to release Ar7, which includes lots of fancy effects and scoring system changes (see below for Changelog), I’ve added another great feature that includes free money. That’s right – a chartset competition! Compete with all Notedrop players for a $20 USD prize; the person with the highest score by June 15th wins the cash. Now you can mash your keyboard and get MONEY, too! If the new version isn’t loading (check the version in the upper-right corner of the chartlist), try refreshing your browser’s cache.

Since this is our first Chartset Competition (we plan to do more in the future), the charts are easy and the prize is small. However, if you, our great supporters, help us by donating donations, we’ll help you by using those donations to fund greater and better prizes.

To play the Chartset, just click the chartset button on the upper-left corner of the chartlist (when it loads). After completing a chartset, be sure to wait for a popup to pop up and enter your name to submit your score! (If you got a high score, the game will notify you.) A link to your score will be generated and placed near the top of the chartset complete screen. To check the current leading score, click this link.

Notedrop – Charting Competition 1

Sunday, May 22nd, 2011

We told you that we had something planned, and here are a few of them!

If you haven’t noticed already, there is an addition of the ‘Community‘ page on the top navigation bar. A forum (chromatiqa/f) is set up! Feel free to sign up – eventually, many announcements, charting matters such as song requests and approvals, will be moved to the forums.

Also you will see a small bit about donations. Chromatiqa is currently running off our personal expenses. If you would like to help support Chromatiqa, you can make a cash donation through Paypal; if you want to donate prizes or other goods, please contact us at admin(at)chromatiqa(dot)org. We greatly appreciate any donation of any size. By donating, you can help keep Chromatiqa online and running and help us fund larger prizes for our contests. We will also send to any donor a gratuitous amount of appreciation and a warm fuzzy feeling in your heart, shipping and handling included. :)


Welcome to the first Notedrop charting contest!

(The contest will be held in the forums – check there for updates!)

The song is ESTi – Oblivion. You can download its song files at the topic.


1. Each user may submit ONE entry only.
2. An entry consists of a set of three or more charts for the song. Entering a large amount of charts will NOT increase your chances of winning!
3. At least one of these charts must be a 4K NM or 6K NM difficulty.
4. A chartlist.txt file containing the corresponding entry for your charts must also be submitted along with your charts.
5. Do not edit the song files. Especially, do not edit the offset in the song metadata file; if you feel the offset for the song is incorrect, adjust your global latency. Offset has a tendency to vary between computers.
6. The songs and their respective song files will be released on Monday 23rd May at 1200 hours PDT (GMT-7).
7. The contest closes at Wednesday 15th June 0000 hours (GMT -7). No entries will be accepted after this time.

Submitting your Charts

1. Compress your charts and chartlist.txt, containing the corresponding entry for your chart entries only, into a file named or NDChartContest1.rar. If you don’t know how to do this, ask us. Submit your charts as an attachment to a reply in the thread.
2. SUBMISSIONS ARE FINAL. You may not make multiple submissions. You may not edit a submission after it is submitted.


Charts will be scored based on the following criteria:

A. TECHNICAL CORRECTNESS of Charts. Correctly discerning rhythms from the music, making good judgments on which rhythms/instruments to chart to, not assigning more than one note per sound in the music, remembering to place gold notes, properly assigning chart difficulties, etc. are very important. “How to Chart a Good Chart” in the Charting for Notedrop page offers some guidelines on what makes a proper chart proper.
B. CREATIVITY of Charts. A creative chart has unique patterns, is not repetitive, and surprises players by charting to less-than-obvious instruments and sounds.
C. ENJOYABILITY of Charts. A enjoyable chart doesn’t confuse or frustrate the player unnecessarily, contains challenging but not unfair passages based on the difficulty, and most importantly is just plain fun. Technically correct and creative charts tend to be more enjoyable.

Each criteria receives a score between 0 to 10 (10 is the best) from each judge. The score for each criteria for each judge is summed together for a total score out of 90. A score does not necessarily have to be an integer.

The judges are Bitzeralisis, thepianistalex, and akaru. Judges (apart from Bitzeralisis) are not allowed to discuss their individual score judgments with each other (they will judge blindly) before they all send their scores to Bitzeralisis, who will composite the scores with his own for a submission’s total score.

Judges may not participate in the contest.


1st Place: $10 via PayPal and addition of charts to the online chartlist. The highest-scoring charter must have a score of at least 50 to be eligible for this prize. In the case of a tie, Bitzeralisis will decide the winning charter.

Note that if you do not have / cannot access a PayPal account, we will work out an equivalent prize afterwards.

Release – Notedrop Ar6

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Here’s a Notedrop release! Remember to clear your browser cache if the new version doesn’t load.

I changed the way MISSes work; now, instead of triggering whenever you don’t hit a note, they only trigger if you hit a note way, waaaay to early. (Hitting it way too late isn’t called a MISS. That’s called a BREAK.) Feel free to mash the other keys as much as you want! And now A, D, K, and ; lanes have notes in a soothing cyan color, to make reading complicated patterns easier. Plus, MISSes and MAX 10%s reduce health a little less now, though they still reduce health. And, of course, I made small graphical changes and bug fixes.

I also changed some of the ways Notedrop interacts with charts and songs. There aren’t any major overhauls, but it’s completely recommended that current charters see the bottom of the How to Chart page for a list of the important changes I made.

Plus, you can tweet your score after you finish a chart. Now you can play Notedrop and TWEET about it, too!


Release – Notedrop Ar5

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Notedrop Ar5 is out! This update primarily adds background video functionality. At the bottom-left corner of chartlist entries, a small icon denotes whether a song has a background video or not; a picture means it only has a background image, a blue camera with a red “L” means it only has a low-quality video, and a golden camera with a green “H” denotes a high-quality-video-available song. The game is set to only use low-quality videos by default (all charts with a high-quality video can also be played in low-quality mode); high-quality videos may require an extreme amount of time to load and can also result in memory leaks and lowered overall performance (hence, it is not recommended).

To all the people who found out about Notedrop from Bemanistyle and osu!, a special thanks! Your support is greatly encouraging the growth of this game.

New Songs
• Lite Tutorial (ReX)

New Charts
• Lite Tutorial 4K NM (Chromatiqa)