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Release – Notedrop Ar8Δ

Sunday, August 28th, 2011

After many months, a new Notedrop release is out! And boy, was it worth the wait.

First and foremost, the entire game has been re-written from scratch. While past versions of Notedrop built upon a weak foundation with the idea of a silly Trilogy clone in mind, Notedrop Delta was written from the ground up, so it has a strong foundation. (In fact, the game was unplayable in the first month of development!) Most notably, Notedrop now sports a sleek new look, while also becoming more efficient, faster, and responsive.

Major changes include the addition of a main menu, multi-page settings menu, a shiny modernized chartlist, effectors (modifiers to gameplay that make it harder or easier for a score bonus/penalty), and new effects in-game. Important things to note include the removal of fever and a scoring system redo that is much more balanced.

Yes, you did fall in love. With Notedrop.

Another great addition is a standalone version of Notedrop, which can be run outside the browser (but it still requires network connectivity to download songs and charts from Chromatiqa), making gameplay even smoother and allowing some screen-capture programs to record Notedrop easily.

Don’t think this is the last of Notedrop releases you’ll see – we have more features planned out for future releases.

PS: You can pause now. And R doesn’t make you insta-fail anymore. Try failing anyways, it looks cool!


Sunday, June 19th, 2011

Hello, everyone! In the past month, I’ve been working diligently on an entry for Kongregate’s Project Eden: Experience the Music contest. And now my entry is up on Kongregate: BIT.FALL, a Beatmania-style flash game with effects inspired by BIT.TRIP and themes inspired by Child of Eden. I really need as many positive ratings as I can get on BIT.FALL and would greatly appreciate any five-star ratings. So please check out BIT.FALL and help vote it up! Great thanks to everyone who does!


Notedrop – Chartset Competition! Win free money! (Also Release Ar7)

Thursday, May 26th, 2011

Thanks to everyone’s plays, Notedrop has reached 10,000 plays! *applause*

In addition to release Ar7, which includes lots of fancy effects and scoring system changes (see below for Changelog), I’ve added another great feature that includes free money. That’s right – a chartset competition! Compete with all Notedrop players for a $20 USD prize; the person with the highest score by June 15th wins the cash. Now you can mash your keyboard and get MONEY, too! If the new version isn’t loading (check the version in the upper-right corner of the chartlist), try refreshing your browser’s cache.

Since this is our first Chartset Competition (we plan to do more in the future), the charts are easy and the prize is small. However, if you, our great supporters, help us by donating donations, we’ll help you by using those donations to fund greater and better prizes.

To play the Chartset, just click the chartset button on the upper-left corner of the chartlist (when it loads). After completing a chartset, be sure to wait for a popup to pop up and enter your name to submit your score! (If you got a high score, the game will notify you.) A link to your score will be generated and placed near the top of the chartset complete screen. To check the current leading score, click this link.

Release – Notedrop Ar6

Thursday, May 12th, 2011

Here’s a Notedrop release! Remember to clear your browser cache if the new version doesn’t load.

I changed the way MISSes work; now, instead of triggering whenever you don’t hit a note, they only trigger if you hit a note way, waaaay to early. (Hitting it way too late isn’t called a MISS. That’s called a BREAK.) Feel free to mash the other keys as much as you want! And now A, D, K, and ; lanes have notes in a soothing cyan color, to make reading complicated patterns easier. Plus, MISSes and MAX 10%s reduce health a little less now, though they still reduce health. And, of course, I made small graphical changes and bug fixes.

I also changed some of the ways Notedrop interacts with charts and songs. There aren’t any major overhauls, but it’s completely recommended that current charters see the bottom of the How to Chart page for a list of the important changes I made.

Plus, you can tweet your score after you finish a chart. Now you can play Notedrop and TWEET about it, too!


Release – Notedrop Ar5

Wednesday, May 4th, 2011

Notedrop Ar5 is out! This update primarily adds background video functionality. At the bottom-left corner of chartlist entries, a small icon denotes whether a song has a background video or not; a picture means it only has a background image, a blue camera with a red “L” means it only has a low-quality video, and a golden camera with a green “H” denotes a high-quality-video-available song. The game is set to only use low-quality videos by default (all charts with a high-quality video can also be played in low-quality mode); high-quality videos may require an extreme amount of time to load and can also result in memory leaks and lowered overall performance (hence, it is not recommended).

To all the people who found out about Notedrop from Bemanistyle and osu!, a special thanks! Your support is greatly encouraging the growth of this game.

New Songs
• Lite Tutorial (ReX)

New Charts
• Lite Tutorial 4K NM (Chromatiqa)